Fenwal Protection Systems is the leading provider of fire protection for mission critical facilities…

Committed to Delivering Exceptional Solutions and Services

In a competitive world, no business operation can afford a fire-related interruption. "Mission Critical" facilities require the state-of-the-art Total Fire Protection capability only Fenwal can offer.

The Fenwal Total Fire Protection Concept begins with rapid detection of fire in its incipient stages. Precision alarm and control functions alert people and initiate emergency actions. Then, clean, fast-acting fire suppression prevents extensive damage to people, property and business continuity.

For more than 60 years, Fenwal has helped our customers conduct "business as usual," without loss of people, operating time, corporate assets or property due to fire.

Watch the NEW
Clean Agent Video

Fenwal Protection Systems Releases NEW Clean Agent Video...

Picture This... a data center catches fire! Inside are the servers that store, run and back-up the applications and files that are the lifeline of your operations. See in real time just how fast a Fenwal Clean Agent System suppresses the threat to your business... CLICK on MORE BELOW.

Watch the new
FN8000-ML Video

Now Available...

FenwalNETTM 8000-ML Control Unit
Approved for Clean Agents as well as
water based systems such as Water
Mist, Water Deluge, Pre-action and Foam

- Triple "R" Redundancy protects
  against false discharges
- Expandable from 2 - 8 Loops...