Historical Artifacts and Buildings

Mission Critical Protection


Museums, rare-book libraries, historical buildings—these are the institutions that have the critical mission of safeguarding our heritage, preserving it for future generations.  Throughout the ages, fire has been the biggest enemy of historical artifacts and buildings, and this threat, unfortunately, continues today.  Priceless paintings, centuries-old documents and wooden historical structures are not only highly susceptible to fire, but they need to be protected by a system that won't destroy them in the process.

Despite the frequency of fires that involve irreplaceable objects and structures, many institutions have minimal amounts of fire protection.  And most of those institutions with fire protection rely, almost exclusively, on sprinklers, which continue to put their collections at risk, as shown:

  • Sprinklers are designed to (and are very effective at) protecting the building structure, but not its contents, furnishings, or finishes.
  • Sprinklers need significant heat to operate, requiring a full flaming fire, destroying artifacts at the source of the fire.
  • Artifacts throughout the facility suffer collateral damage from water and smoke, with smoke often destroying delicate objects quite a distance away from the source of the incident.
  • The restoration cost for heritage buildings is time consuming and prohibitively expensive, if possible at all.
  • The damage or destruction of historical artifacts or structures can have a devastating effect on the mission of a cultural institution.

Fenwal Protection Systems and its worldwide network of factory-trained distributors can provide the best waterless fire protection systems, to protect your institution from fire.  Our innovative products to protect historical artifacts and buildings include:

Clean Agent Suppression Systems

can snuff out a fire in seconds.  Fenwal clean agents are people-safe, environmentally responsible, and do not damage fragile objects.  They minimize fire-related damage and clean-up costs, leaving no watery mess or powdery residue, making them perfectly suited for protecting historical artifacts and buildings.

High Sensitivity Smoke Detection Systems

can provide the earliest possible warning in a potential fire situation.  Fenwal HSSD® is able to is able to prevent damage to priceless objects by detecting a fire in its incipient stage, before any significant smoke is visible.  As an air-sampling smoke detector, it can provide unobtrusive smoke detection in historical buildings, where traditional fire protections systems would be an esthetic challenge.

Intelligent Detection and Control Systems

combine detection and suppression capabilities into a single integrated fire protection system.  The FenwalNET™ control panel and SmartOne™ intelligent detectors provide worry-free automatic fire protection system for your archive storage facility or historical building.