System Control Units

Fenwal Protection Systems


FenwalNET 8000-ML    Now Available!

The FenwalNET™ 8000-ML is the technologically most advanced multi-loop, intelligent, addressable, networkable Fire Alarm-Suppression Control Unit available to the industry today. Dependability and maximum protection against inadvertent release are hallmarks of Fenwal panels. We build in safeguards so that no single component failure or combination of abnormal operating conditions, including main-microprocessor failure is allowed to result in accidental release activation. 

FENWALNET 2000-8000-ML

FenwalNET™ 2000-8000-ML™ Control Unit Retrofit Kit enables the field upgrade of legacy Fenwal Net 2000 panels while retaining the original enclosure and devices in their mounted condition. The kit consists of FenwalNET 8000-ML electronics, power supply and a door for the installed FenwalNET 2000 enclosure. The retrofit door is sized for the FenwalNET 2000 enclosure while its window is aligned with the FenwalNET 8000-ML display and user-interface.


The FENWALNET 6000 is a compact, full-featured intelligent control unit that manages fire response events from detection and alarm to suppression system release that is listed for UL 864, 9th edition.

FEnwal 732

The Fenwal 732 is the ideal single-hazard conventional panel for small- to mid-sized special hazard applications. Equipped with the today's most technologically-advanced features, its range of circuits deliver the industry's most flexible programming capabilities.