SmartOne Intelligent Detectors

Smoke Detection


Detectors and Accessories Include:

  • Ionization, Photoelectric and Thermal Detectors
  • Contact Input Device
  • Relay Output Device
  • Signal Module
  • Detector Base with Signal Module
  • AlarmLine Linear Heat Detector
  • Air Duct Smoke Detector

FENWAL SmartOne Intelligent Detectors are available in ionization and photoelectric smoke as well as thermal models and are ideal for large space/hazard detection. They offer greater capacity, flexibility and reliability than conventional and analog detectors because of a built-in 4K microprocessor the gives them on-board intelligence.

In a SmartOne network, intelligence is distributed across the network, not confined to the network control device. Each SmartOne detector has the ability to analyze data and make decisions because of its network.

The SmartOne detectors offer distributed intelligence and FailSafe system redundancy for great reliability. If communication fails between the control panel and a SmartOne detector, the detector will sense the failure and automatically revert to stand alone operation.

If smoke density reaches the alarm point, the SmartOne detector will cause a general alarm across the network. When communication is re-established with the control unit, the SmartOne detector will automatically return to its prior programming, without reprogramming.


Distributed Intelligence Photoelectric & Ionization Smoke and Thermal Detectors